Peter Chadwick

Peter Chadwick
As a Trainer at Target Training GmbH, Peter is involved in analyzing clients’ needs, designing and developing practical and transferable training interventions, executing effective programs, and assessing results. Recent clients include Lombard, EOIPA, EPDTA and confidential coaching clients in consumer & luxury goods, financial, legal and aerospace sectors.

Training overview.

  • Managing stress and building self-confidence

  • Disarming the Imposter Syndrome, prioritization and finding balance

  • Agile, hybrid and predictive project management fundamentals

  • Managing yourself as a leader

  • Leadership styles
  • Giving effective feedback

  • Practical toolbox for managers
  • Cultural due diligence during mergers & acquisitions
  • Transversal and transcultural communication

  • Succeeding in a virtual, hybrid and international workplace


Giving and receiving feedback

Participants at this session will learn and discuss about adapting your feedback to specific situations and individuals