The EPTDA Leadership Academy is part of the EPTDA Academy concept, representing the main platform for developing the leadership qualities for all aspirational leaders within the PT/MC industry, regardless of their age.

Leadership skills development

Interactive training sessions

Introducing Target Training

EPTDA partnered with the Target Training company to deliver a 1-year training program for all the business professionals from the Power Transmission / Motion Control industry, who are willing to up their game as leaders in disruptive times.

Target Training website
Target Training GmbH

Founded in 1994, Target Training is a passionate and human training company with 18 employees and a pool of 27 select long-term freelancers. Based in Germany and working globally, their clients include industry, multinationals, finance, European and national institutions, and global professional service firms. Target Training has been working inhouse with global clients in the energy industry since 1995.

Key areas essential to global success

Solutions include