James Culver

James Culver
As a Product Manager at Target Training, James is closely involved in the complete training cycle, from analyzing clients’ needs to designing and developing practical and transferable training interventions to executing effective programs.

Training overview.

  • Giving feedback
  • Difficult discussion
  • Building emotional safety and trust

  • Delegating Leading in a matrix

  • Managing people in global teams

  • Managing conflict

  • Managing diversity

  • Leading people & projects

  • Practical toolbox for managers

  • Creating trust in challenging environments

  • Manager as coach

  • Leading across cultures


Nurturing growth mindset in yourself and others

Participants at this session will learn and discuss about monitoring and sustaining a growth mindset for yourself and others.


Creating alignment in teams

Participants at this session will learn and discuss about synchronous and asynchronous communication – and when to prefer which?


How to manage change and how to help others manage it as well

This interactive webinar-workshop equips you with the knowledge and tools to lead yourself, your team and your organization through continual change.


Flexing your leadership styles

During this interactive webinar-workshop, you will dive deeper into varying styles of leadership, and the need to be able to flex your style based upon the situations you, and your organization, face.