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Bearings play a crucial role in the transmission of power to motion. Without bearings, there would be no efficient rolling or turning of shafts. There would be no trains, planes, or automobiles. Bearings are broadly grouped into one of two main categories: plain bearings and rolling element bearings. Regardless of grouping, bearings are implemented into various power transfer systems (equipment, machines, and devices) to accommodate and support both motion and force. Each type of bearing has a specific and intended use. Both plain and rolling element types have limitations and advantages when applied to any particular application so the selection of the right bearing is important.

What you will learn

You will be able to learn several types of bearings, which information you need to perform product selection and much more.

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Introduction to Bearings

Plain Bearings

Rolling Element Bearings

Bearing Lubrication


Mounted Bearings

Mounted Plain Bearings

Mounted Rolling-Element

Rod-end Bearings

Bearing Standards

Application and Selection

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